Third Life Forest

$ 200.00

Full color Dharma Wheel artist's print

Available framed or unframed


I dreamt about finding this Dharma wheel laying on the floor of the Redwood Forest in Northern California. My arms were stretched out and I’d been slowly flying and drifting, like a hawk on updrafts, since dawn. The sun was high but the trees wove together to create a canopy that left much of the floor of the forest in shadow. What light got through took were beams on only the slightest angles.

The surface of this wheel is imperfect and muted, resembling red clay. It was mostly hidden under a small canopy of woodrose and sword fern and, had the sunlight not shown on it precisely as I was flying over, I would never have seen it.

I dropped down gently, brushing a fern to the side. The wheel was partially covered with dirt and detritus naturally. As I kneeled, I dug, and found this wonderful redwood piece that had been gifted to hikers and other dreamers. When I stood back, trying to take in my find, I judged the wheel to be about six feet across, made entirely of wood– raw wood – except for gold trim painted on the peaked circles that top the exterior ring and the first inner ring. Perhaps the gold was what first caught my eye.

I wondered why the wheel had been left here. How long? By who? To what end? 

I chose to believe that the answer to these questions stood alongside the multitude of life’s other unanswerable questions. And, after further consideration, decided that the answers didn’t matter. It was going to be left behind for hiker or another flying dreamer to find.

Materials: Full color laser print on 32 lb. white bond 

Dimensions of artwork: Approximately 10" x 10" on 20" x 20" board, framed 20" x 20"

Edition: First – 500 impressions. Each print is signed and numbered.

Ready to hang: Yes, if purchased in the frame



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