Rain Wise Blooming

$ 200.00

Full color Dharma Wheel artist's print

Available framed or unframed


There is that simple beauty, and peace, that can be felt during a summer rainstorm. For those lucky enough to have a front porch covered by a porch, or an open window facing away from the direction of the rain, the ability to reach out with one's palm is a sublime and wonderful experience. To do so after night falls, or just inside the twilight, delivers something of a natural rhythm beaten onto any flat surface -- a metal roof, a rotten tree stump or a 100 year-old rock wall. 

At a friend's home in New England, where a variety of flowers and vegetables are planted in close proximity to their porch swing, I was inspired by an observation that, if you listen carefully, you can hear the difference between a rain drop falling on a rose petal and the skin of a growing tomato. Red clay and topsoil sing very differently. The leaves of an oak tree and a cherry tree are separated by at least an octave.

Perhaps even better, the music made by a child's palm offers an entirely different kind of joy than the withered but smiling palm of their grandparent -- especially when sitting on the grandparent's lap.

Materials: Full color laser print on 32 lb. white bond 

Dimensions of artwork: Approximately 10" x 10" on 20" x 20" board, framed 20" x 20"

Edition: First – 500 impressions. Each print is signed and numbered.

Ready to hang: Yes, if purchased in the frame



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