Old dog

From the creation of an advertising campaign that filled Madison Square Garden to the management of a nationwide sales force purveying medical device repairs, Michael has positioned companies to realize tens of millions in new revenue. Having re-awakened media properties, launched consumer brands, educated physicians and designed product packaging that moved marketers toward a very profitable retail checkout, he started writing for his own business.

Writing in the third person

It hurt to write the paragraph above. Self-promotion isn't a natural pursuit for me. That said, the story is compact, shaving thirty years into two sentences. If you need business writing, I can write and edit anything. 

Brand Stories & SilkDharma.com

Stories abound--good stories--that move people's hearts and minds. Smart  people read--literate, educated, successful, curious, high net-worth consumers read everything. I created SilkDharma.com because I am an artist with a specialized visual product committed to building a business slowly. My customers are the people described above, and they come here as much for the stories as for the artwork--and I love creating both.