A Perfect Mindful Symbol

$ 1,000.00

Full color Dharma Wheel artist's print

Available framed or unframed. Product shown: 20" x 20" frame. Artwork: approximately 10" x 10" on 20" x 20" white paper.


Nature is not ornamental. Every tree - the sapling and the fallen - offers complete and perfect substance within the Dharma. Grass, dirt, water and rocks comprise an interdependent state that resides within a greater whole that is the air, clouds, sky, wind, sun and rain. Nothing is extraneous. Nothing is ordinary. Nothing needs more color or decoration.

Without explanation, I drew this wheel while dreaming of sitting on a special rock, hanging over a secluded path, winding along a remote stretch of woods near my home. I had recently begun reading an economics book that was a gift from my son. Inside the front cover, the author’s signature is a doodled tree, with bark that resembles the ornamental spokes on this wheel.

Curious and unexplainable inspiration, for which there are thousands of questions and few, if any, answers.

Materials: Full color laser print on 32 lb. white bond 

Edition: First – 500 impressions. Each print is signed and numbered.

Ready to hang: Available





Silk Dharma is a one man enterprise. Every order is filled by me personally and will be sent as quickly as possible. In many cases, especially with the full color prints, your order will be created on demand because inventory is not maintained. Original artworks are created beforehand and will be sent quickly.
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