Open Northern Lights

$ 200.00

Full color Dharma Wheel artist's print

Available framed or unframed


Listen to the bagpipes with a mindful ear. You can hear a mantra. That sustained, ubiquitous, almost guttural tone over which the piper plays a melody is a connection to the collective gestalt.

One day, I will kiss the ground in Scotland, the land of my maternal ancestors. I know, without doubt, that I will feel a homecoming. That wonderful invisibility that goes hand-in-hand with being completely immersed in one’s ancient culture will be welcomed. Oneness can be achieved in many ways. Interdependence can be defined and redefined constantly.

Time will tell.

After having recently done ancestral research, and in the context of trying to walk the Buddhist path, I was able to hear bagpipes differently than earlier in my life. They project a mantra. I’d never listened with an attempt to be mindful before but, after closing my eyes and ignoring the melody, I was taken by the sustained foundational tone that is the hallmark of the bagpipes.

In Northern Scotland, especially in the Highlands, the Northern Lights are a reminder of the power and energy of the natural world. Like many of my Dharma Wheels, the inspiration for this wheel came from a reading book and letting my imagination intervene.  Having just finished the last chapter, I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild.

I opened my eyes and began to draw.

Materials: Full color laser print on 32 lb. white bond 

Dimensions of artwork: Approximately 10" x 10" on 20" x 20" board, framed 20" x 20"

Edition: First – 500 impressions. Each print is signed and numbered.

Ready to hang: Yes, if purchased in the frame



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