Eighth White Sun

$ 200.00

Full color Dharma Wheel artist's print

Available framed or unframed


In the northern hemisphere, the warmth of an August sun encourages friends and neighbors to sit quietly during the afternoon. In direct sunlight, there is a stillness that, if one stops to experience it, offers palpable knowledge of life before and after the current moment. In the forest, the absence of wind is, at once, obvious and elusive. Those beings blessed with children inspire scribbled artworks that expend energy, without great physical effort, while sitting just inside the edge of a shadow -- close enough to the sunlight that its joy can be experienced.  

Near my home, there is a Buddhist temple that I visit occasionally. The temple used to be a Christian church. Among the icons, symbols and relics is a large, perfect, golden circle hanging on the back wall of what used to be the altar.  Approximately eight feet in diameter, the wheel hangs quietly and powerfully. 

That wheel, combined with an attempt to capture the frantic, humid ether found in a hot summer afternoon’s stillness, inspired Eighth White Sun.

Materials: Full color laser print on 32 lb. white bond 

Dimensions of artwork: Approximately 10" x 10" on 20" x 20" board, framed 20" x 20"

Edition: First – 500 impressions. Each print is signed and numbered.

Ready to hang: Yes, if purchased in the frame



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