Zen Spot #92 -- Mindfulness, meditation and the chemicals of oneness February 9, 2018 00:05

From fetish

The chemicals within --- those that are a gateway to mindfulness -- are the same that drive the primal sexual instinct. Juices, juggling distortion in between bouts of arithmetic. Chewing. Flipping birds and changing diapers.

Without these chemicals, there is no mind.

To mindfulness

The compulsion to procreate is both the opposite and the twin of oneness. A paradox. That flashpoint of congress. A single point on the x, y and z axes. Flying through time, when time stops, because that’s what time does and never does, at the same time.

The tide.


Humor. Cleavage. Abs. Locks. Leather. Kindness. Money. Drama. Smiles. Cars. Perfume. God. Cooking. Uniforms. Books. Trauma. Feet. Planets. Skirts. Jewelry. Farms. Eyes. Salt. Night. Wind. Knuckles. Love.

All chemicals.


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