Zen Spot #71 --  Mindfulness, meditation and One Buddhist Voice February 14, 2018 00:05

My voice is not my own

With every word, I am living Right Speech — or not. In doing so, the echo is rarely experienced at low volume. The knob is always turned to 10, no matter how benign the words.

In particular, this idea is personified in children. What we say, they hear. What we do, they do. The volume of our interactions is a jet engine so quiet that we can't know the volume until our words are repeated back to us by an innocent voice. I learned this lesson too late, if there is such a thing.

The same holds true for the collective. We are a choir. What we sing together is loud. It moves the most stoic of listeners. It prompts and influences. It effects choices, personal and parish. In this sense, we are all Buddhists. Accidental or otherwise.

Our words must be kind and thoughtful and purposeful and compassionate.

Or not.


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