Zen Spot #66 -- Mindfulness, meditation and Mary, mother of God February 3, 2018 00:05

The departure point

Having been raised Roman Catholic, the idea of praying to Mary for divine intercession with God is as natural as breathing. My foxhole prayer is the Rosary despite the fact that I no longer practice Catholicism. I am at complete peace with this paradox, in part because I believe Mary is a Buddha.

Long ago, I gave up the need to explain my spirituality and its place among traditional dogma.

Möbius strip

Recently, in a discussion with a loved one who was raised Christian, and is converting to Catholicism, he revealed his confusion with directing prayer to any entity other than God The Father. In a separate conversation with a fundamentalist Christian who was raised Catholic, the believer submitted that the idea of praying to Mary could be characterized as blasphemy.

Speaking with an accent forever

Almost immediately I understood the confusion of my friend who is converting to Catholicism. If one isn’t introduced to the idea of Mary’s power from an early age, much like being introduced to one’s language, the idea could take a while to accept. Like a second language, an accent may exist permanently.

Submission doesn’t work for me

In the past, before friends began their walk along the fundamentalist path, and before I began the process of scrutinizing dogma, my reaction to the fundamentalist Christian’s position would have been a little more stark. I would have reacted quickly, assuming the believer had detailed and specific knowledge about the hereafter that put my experience with eternity at risk, placing power in the hands of another man.



I would never have considered the idea that involving Mary in one’s spirituality could be characterized as a reason for damnation. Considering the possibility that a belief that offers such comfort and warmth would put eternity at risk -- a belief learned as part of my first language -- is an idea that confuses me, much like Mary’s role as an interceding mother confuses my friend who is converting to Catholicism.

I love the paradox. Right mindedness.



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