Zen Spot #57 --  Mindfulness, meditation and a quiet landing offering submersion January 22, 2018 22:25

A wonderful maze

Venice is surprisingly quiet and intimate. Just steps off St. Mark's Square, down neighborhood alleys, it’s easy to find warm alcoves, many of which offer a pedestrian bridge and a nearby stone stairway that submerges into a canal.

Most stairways are boat launches and, in the evening, I suspect one could easily step through a gateway into a small personal cruiser. During the day, the landings are empty. Perhaps the owners are off ferrying visitors throughout this truly wonderful city. 

A thousand feet deep

It was impossible to see the bottom of my canal and, when around water, my imagination can run away. I’m told whales often leisurely peruse the Grand Canal but are rarely found wandering the smaller thoroughfares. It would be nice to surf a humpback under a hundred different footbridges.

Water purifies

The ocean. A mountain lake. A public fountain. Whether one swims or simply tests the cool with a toe, immersion can be experienced.

Once immersed.

My block-stone stairway descended directly. Its fourth step was covered by two inches of canal. I sat on the second, with my bare feet on the fourth. I’m always a little afraid of water. 

Perhaps it’s the purification.


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