Zen Spot #312 -- Mindfulness, meditation and a blossom fire August 2, 2020 16:55

Spectrum of curiosity

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea that colors exist outside the spectrum visible to the human eye. Dog whistles for the eyes.

Curiosity piqued, my research revealed that the science behind seeing color depends on how one defines color. One article described the eye’s inability to see a true red-green that isn’t the mud resulting from mixing red and green paint. A similar color exists that is a blue-yellow.

I originally thought of the color spectrum as a full circle of light that disappears where our mind’s ability to detect color ends, reappearing after having completed its travel through the unknowable colors. Right and wrong.

The photograph above is, to my knowledge, not enhanced. Having found it on a stock photo website, I was taken by the ember bursting outward into the white of the petals. 

A burning ember not to be believed? I believe the ember gestates from a color that can’t be seen, inside the flower.

Conceive the color.


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