Zen Spot #27 -- Mindfulness, meditation and a Christian mystery in Bologna June 4, 2018 00:00

Hundreds of cathedrals

I recently returned from a trip to visit my son in Bologna, Italy. Cozy, warm, delicious and friendly, the city welcomes visitors with open arms. On the fifth floor, with a kitchen window that overlooked miles of red clay rooves, my son had made his apartment a quiet respite, excepting the chimes from fifteen cathedral bell towers that could be seen while cooking pasta. 

Cathedrals are temples

Passing through the front door of a cathedral while visiting Bologna is inevitable. They are all the same. They are all different. 

Murals and icons bring the story of the Christian spirit to life. Each has an altar and pews, with ceilings that soar hundreds of feet above an exquisite marble floor. God's voice is projected. An altar awaits. Each has a singular quirk.

Embedded into a concrete wall, the scissors shown above tell a forgotten story. Nearby, a relief sculpture of Saint Petronius tells a common story. Both occupy the walls of a central courtyard inside a cathedral whose name has been forgotten. Quiet is requested, in writing, by the fathers and brothers who inhabit the cathedral, when visiting the courtyard.

Warm at 2 p.m., I sat in the shade next to the scissors, obliging the quiet. 


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