Zen Spot #243 - Mindfulness, meditation and the yin of a doppleganger January 14, 2020 00:00


My children are grown. They will, however, always be my children. Mine. Between 1986 and 1996, I spawned three hellions, each of whom is finding their way in the world.


An idea about time and love

About twenty years ago, I was introduced to the idea that this current lifetime exists purely for the growth of our souls. Further, as the idea suggests, before birth we enter agreements with past and future ancestors to create as many daunting challenges as are necessary for our souls to grow. Too, those ancestors who love us most deeply construct the greatest hurdles.

Throwing darts

My daughter is in one of the photos above. Taken about eight years ago, it projects the kind of joy I wish for her for the entirety of her life. Funny, quirky, kind, creative and driven, she inherited the best parts of both her mother and me.

Her journey has been one of particular fascination for me. Growing up with one brother and a long list of male cousins and friends, few girls entered my life until I went to college. Thus, watching her grow into a fine young woman has been a privilege, a delight and a challenge. Our souls have grown together.


We are taught that how a person looks has little to do with their soul. As such, the existence of a doppleganger is almost irrelevant to a discussion of growth unless, perhaps, the person holds a particular physical beauty. 

Two close friends of mine — both women — are very physically attractive by western standards. And, each admits that their beauty has offered opportunity that they believe would otherwise not have enjoyed over the course of their lives. It’s worth mentioning that each has reached mid-life and find the privilege that their beauty has afforded them fading.


If one believes in the idea of beauty bestowed in order to facilitate fewer challenges, what does that say about their soul’s journey and the ancestors charged with growth? Is beauty an indicator of a milestone on a soul’s journey? Is fading beauty a hurdle to growth?


One of the images above is of a young European woman. A friend sent the images across social media because of the stark resemblance to my daughter. the young lady and I corresponded twice through Facebook. She was fascinated by the resemblance. My daughter, however, saw no resemblance at all. The mind’s eye is a funny thing.

Who knows

It is easy for me to create stories. Most never leave my head. Always searching for some cosmic, philosophical or spiritual understanding of existence, I constantly look for that single algorithm that explains the universe — like Einstein tried to bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and what ever the other thing was.

Among the algorithms considered is the role of beauty as a challenge and, in this particular case, the journeys of twins who have never met.

On to the next algorithm. 


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