Zen Spot #69 — Mindfulness, meditation and the Buddha bides January 28, 2018 00:05

“The Dude abides”

The Big Lebwoski  is  my favorite movie--by far. Jeff Bridges, who plays the main character, is a slacker who refers to himself as The Dude. His friends do the same.  

Living a sparse, unfettered, simple life--perhaps by choice--the Dude's lifestyle is never explained. Choice, chance, trauma, the road less traveled? 

His presence on this earth, no matter the storm around him, is relatively calm. He looks for answers while not looking for answers. More than anything, he is kind.

He suffers and releases, suffers and releases, suffers and releases. His Zen spot is a bowling alley. He bowls — that activity where one faithfully tries to repeat the same movement, in the same space, using the same breathing and movement, over and over and over. The alley is his temple. 

He abides.

The Dude…abides.


About DharmaMechanic

An artist, entrepreneur and writer walking the Buddhist path, his art focuses on the Dharma Wheel. The four wheels shown above are among over 600 Michael has created over the course of his career. Each has a unique story. If you’d like to read the story of these wheels or purchase a framed 20" x 20" ready-to-hang print, visit SilkDharma.com.

 What are The Four Noble Truths?

  1. The truth of suffering
  2. The truth of the origin of suffering
  3. The truth of the cessation of suffering
  4. The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering

What is The Noble Eightfold Path?

  1. Right view
  2. Right intention
  3. Right action
  4. Right speech
  5. Right livelihood
  6. Right effort
  7. Right mindfulness
  8. Right concentration

What is a Dharma Wheel?