Zen Spot #42— Mindfulness, meditation and the impossible wood cut January 26, 2018 00:05

Woodcut burning

Like a mandala created from brightly colored sand, then ritually dismantled, I burned the wood panel used to create ten woodcut prints, like the one shown above. Shortly thereafter, I burned the prints.

Nothing is left. More accurately, only digital files remain. Nothing of the physical. 


I’ve never sold a piece of fine art. Not to be confused with art, I made my living, for a while, as a graphic designer. Fat wallet.

Caught between a desire to sell my personal artwork and the idea of keeping it for my family to burn upon my death, I'm carefully considering the possibilities. Ashes being the only remnant of thousands and thousands of hours of improvised joy and voice. 

The pyre has been designed. Plywood. Iron clamps. Nuts. Bolts. Kerosene.


The warning track in front of the Green Monster at Fenway? Heyward field? The beach in Wildwood? The Arc de Triomphe on the Sunday when the Tour rides into Paris. All places where people can see something burn as art.

My ego is alive and well.


About DharmaMechanic

An artist, entrepreneur and writer walking the Buddhist path, his art focuses on the Dharma Wheel. The four wheels shown above are among over 600 DharmaMechanic has created over the course of his career. Each has a unique story. If you’d like to read the story of these wheels or purchase a framed 20" x 20" ready-to-hang print, visit SilkDharma.com.

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