The Middle Way

Zen Spot #124 -- Mindfulness, meditation and the curve of a single elegant line February 13, 2018 00:05

Fashion of a working class family

Walking by the vintage tailor shop window, I was struck by the mannequin’s resemblance to my mother from snapshots before I was born. Among all the flash-frozen, sixties Polaroid fuzziness was a record of my family’s belief in the power of timeless fashion design.

Working class families, where I come from, made sure that every member has one meticulously tailored piece of clothing. So important was the commitment that photographic chronicles were almost as important as the statement made by the singular piece.

In particular, as I passed by the mannequin, was the attention demanded by the fine line of the scoop neck. Along with the color and style, the dress defined a visceral elegance that cuts to the core of my being from a time before I was born. The elegance of a family with calloused hands, house coats, tithing from nothing, fistfights for scraps, rose tattoos and Sunday dinners was captured in the crafting of a single line.



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