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Zen Spot #216 - Mindfulness, meditation and the transcendental joy of hugging a teddy bear November 6, 2018 00:00


A long time ago, upon the news that my wife was pregnant, I went out to buy a teddy bear for my unborn child. A cliche perhaps, but it made me feel good that, when my child was born, and I couldn’t be with them, they’d always have a friend right by their side. 

The choice of a bear is complex and sublime. It must smell nice, and feel good, and have a wonderful face. Impossible to pick a bear out on Amazon, considering the company hadn’t been founded until my son was eight years-old, the purchase required a trip to a toy store — an experience, perhaps, that millions of Millennials may never experience.


Following the purchase, I occasionally slept with the bear until my son was born. In addition to wanting my scent to rub off on his companion, that he might be warmed by a safe, familiar scent, I found the comfort of the bear to be profoundly safe.

Caring for someone besides oneself

In addition to the additional comfort provided to my son by the bear, I hoped that it would remain in his life long enough that he learn to care for a companion, and find the ability to feel compassion through imagination.

He did, and he has carried the ability through his life. Given the fact that a toddler mashing his fingers into a birthday cake only to mash the cake into their face is perhaps the greatest example of everyday Zen, it’s not a stretch that carrying a teddy bear offers the same experience.

I have one .


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What are The Four Noble Truths?

  1. The truth of suffering
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