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Zen Spot #210 — Mindfulness, meditation and teaching my children to read September 15, 2018 00:00

Oddly enough

The life achievement of which I am most proud, is having taught each of my children to read. Before beginning kindergarten, their minds were prepared to open a book and understand a simple story. 

In particular, I remember sitting on a worn blue/grey recliner, during a hot summer, with my arm around my oldest son, with him perched between the chair's arm and me, sounding out letters every evening at seven o’clock. Despite the home having central air conditioning, we practiced and we sweated. Our hands stuck to the paper on which he was drawing the letters or droplets of sweat fell onto the pages of the book we shared.

Perhaps it’s morbid, but every day I consider the fact that, at sometime in the future, I will be laying on a bed, my body failing, knowing that death is just moments away. At that point, if my mind permits, I will look back in evaluation of how my time was spent — and if I was wise. If I’m lucky, my children will be there to send me off to the next place. Having lived a life, as of this writing, of great ups and downs, there will be much to consider but I suspect, and hope, that sounding out letters will be the thing I did best.

The recliner was lost to time, taking with it a special destination where three children learned to read. I wish to return, put my feet up, close my eyes and breath.

I’ll be right back.


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  1. The truth of suffering
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