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Zen Spot #98 -- Mindfulness, meditation and the embarrassing panda hat January 26, 2018 00:05

X, Y & Z axes

Meditation, for me, and for now, seeks to capture that single piercing nanosecond when time stands still and my mind is clear. I hope the future holds similar  experiences, for longer periods of time. The true mind lives there, I’m told.

I picture the nanosecond as that singular point on a three-dimensional graph where the axes meet, flying through time, bouncing like a pinball. Quantum mechanics are well beyond my ability to understand, but the idea works for me. Eventually, I will get inside the pinball to take longer and longer rides.


In a past life, twenty-five years ago, I worked with commercial photographers taking pictures of toys for sales catalogs. We never discussed the pictures. Instead, we discussed the captures. Images were captured. For eternity. Not quite a nanosecond, because the aperture is a turtle crossing the road by comparison, but good enough for my analogy.


The image above captures my youngest son in my mind’s eye. He was twelve years old. I wasn’t there when the picture was taken. He hates it. Twenty-one years old now, he is a powerful giant who views the panda hat as a childish thing.

I see him as a man. I see him as a child. My child, on the X, Y and Z axes, flying through time inside a pinball.


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