The Middle Way

Zen Spot #233 - Mindfulness, meditation and compassion for all sentient beings October 27, 2019 00:30


The image above was found at a free stock photo website. I was immediately struck by its power. A pachyderm I suspect, but the eye could belong to a whale, rhinoceros or a large reptile. That said, it is a window into the soul of a sentient being, making identification of the species unimportant.

For anyone who has taken the time to look into the eyes of a being incapable of speech, but clearly capable of responding to its surroundings, the experience can range from eerie to frightening to incredibly compassionate. 

The more complex the mind of the animal, the easier it is to make a compassionate connection. The less complex the mind of the animal, the more we can see into a part of our own nature.

Today, I am going to look within to try to find my great white shark. I am going to look within to find my elephant.


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What are The Four Noble Truths?

  1. The truth of suffering
  2. The truth of the origin of suffering
  3. The truth of the cessation of suffering
  4. The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering

What is The Noble Eightfold Path?

  1. Right view
  2. Right intention
  3. Right action
  4. Right speech
  5. Right livelihood
  6. Right effort
  7. Right mindfulness
  8. Right concentration

What is a Dharma Wheel?