The Middle Way

Zen Spot #100 -- Mindfulness, meditation and being on a mission from God February 3, 2018 00:05

The hammer and anvil

The love and tension between brothers is a mandala. Yin and yang. 

Sometimes both yin

With extended study comes the hope that all the pieces of a cardboard jigsaw puzzle will, with a little work and perseverance, present themselves complete, in perfect order and pristine glory. None wet or bloated or folded or with the image peeling away from the base. 

After hours of study, having placed each piece carefully, with the picture near completion, and a single perfect fragment needed to finish the task, the absurdity of two identical pieces is presented, neither of which fits.

We will call them Jake and Elwood.


About DharmaMechanic

An artist, entrepreneur and writer walking the Buddhist path, his art focuses on the Dharma Wheel. The four wheels shown above are among over 600 DharmaMechanic has created over the course of his career. Each has a unique story. If you’d like to read the story of these wheels or purchase a framed 20" x 20" ready-to-hang print, visit

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