A Perfect Mindful Symbol May 24, 2016 20:18


Nature is not ornamental. Every tree - the sapling and the fallen - offers complete and perfect substance within the Dharma. Grass, dirt, water and rocks comprise an interdependent state that resides within a greater whole that is the air, clouds, sky, wind, sun and rain. Nothing is extraneous. Nothing is ordinary. Nothing needs more color or decoration.

Without explanation, I drew this wheel while dreaming of sitting on a special rock, hanging over a secluded path, winding along a remote stretch of woods near my home. I had recently begun reading an economics book that was a gift from my son. Inside the front cover, the author’s signature is a doodled tree, with bark that resembles the ornamental spokes on this wheel.

Curious and unexplainable inspiration, for which there are thousands of questions and few, if any, answers.